I purchased a OneVanilla Prepaid Visa Card for my daughter for her to use while traveling out of state. Upon purchasing the card, I kept the packaging and inserts in case it was lost or stolen. My daughter returned from her trip minus the card. No worries I thought. I called OneVanilla to report the card as missing and get a replacement. They asked if I had the original receipt - which I did not. I was able to give the date, location, card used to purchase the OneVanilla Visa card, and the amount I had loaded onto the card. They confirmed I had all of the correct information but they could not issue a refund/new card as I did not have the original receipt. I went to the store where I had purchased the card, but unfortunately, their system does not keep detailed receipts past seven days.

After numerous calls to OneVanilla, it has become very clear to me this is their business practice. They don't want to have to issue a refund of the balance of the card. They don't want to have customer service to help you. There is no way a "thief" of the card would have the detailed information I have. The fact they can locate the card, verify I have all the information correct, but remain unwilling to issue a new card or refund the balance is just their business practice to keep funds that are not theirs.

I have since just opened my daughter a checking account with a debit card. And, in the future, would go back American Express Traveler's checks. Their business practice and reputation is impeccable.

Please be aware - do not use OneVanilla.

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Thanks for all of your comments, I think that my card info was stolen as soon as I purchased it. Went to use it at the gas pump and it appeared to be good until the pump stopped at $1.

Tried to use it again for $3.55 and it declined. Finally got around to calling them and they said that it had been used at a SAX Fifth Avenue for a total of $249. They somehow left just $1 on the card.

They said that I had to file a report which could take up to 90 days. What a ripoff, it was my first time and last purchasing a One Vanilla Card.


I too have a horror story-- both with the OneVanilla product and GreenDot-- we need to get every one who has been scammed to file federal charges under the Banking Act, and under FCRA. If enough people take the 5 minutes to file a claim online, we can make it a class action and get this larceny stopped.

to POd ***sumer #811915
Tell me where to sign up! :(
to nobodyspecialhere #860255

Me too! I want their ***-***!


the card is only good for simple activities ; or you will be ***


My sone purchased a reloadable vanilla card to put on his play station and the system said that the card ids not valled went online to check the card it said it was activated and some of the money was gone called the card and all we were told was sorry.


DO NOT use OneVanilla as a means for your finances. They use poor treatment of us the consumer.

Not a good experience at all! Do yourself a favor and find another card option.


I too am disenchanted with the OneVanilla card. A card that is "pre-paid" for.

I today had an unfortunate disagreement with OneVanilla personnel. I ordered online a Christmas gift from Pottery Barn. They "tagged" the amount of purchase to cover the total purchase. The next day the merchandise was shipped and I was again charged the same amount.

My card shows two debit identical charges. I am told by the folks at OneVanilla that the first money that was "tagged" will be returned to me in a 7 or 8 day timeline. How is it that a card that is pre-paid for hold back my money for a 7/8 day period. Unacceptable!

I will not purchase another card with rules such as above I am not interested in their services. Think twice before purchasing the OneVanilla card.

You too may be disatisfied with their means of treating their customers. Boo!

Tampa, Florida, United States #724543
that's what you get for not saving the rec.
it says to save rec.on vanilla instructions iside the package.
maybe people should read instructions and not just save them without a rec. :cry :cry :cry

They have to have that policy or they would get eaten alive by fraud. How hard is it to save your receipt? You did it to yourself so stop whining.


Lol, your daughter is honestly just a dumb ***. If she didn't place it in a secure place, it deserves to be lost.

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #592775

I also purchased 2 of these cards and I cannot log on to their website to check record of purchases or balance. I know for a fact I have money left on one of them but it keeps getting declined.

I googled one vanilla and every site I tried to log on to gives an error message. I think the bastards have taken the money and run. I know others are having this problem.

I think there needs to be an investigation by the authourities. Maybe even a class action law suit.

to npwwotdf #739491

You can call 877-770-6408 (the number on the back of the card) to check the balance and transactions after hearing the balance for one card you can enter option 6 to enter the next card number...hope this helps

to Anonymous #1044763

When I called that number , after entering the card info as it asked I pressed 2 to view card balance which was one of the options. It instantly asked for my card number /expiration date again and kept repeating that way in a cycle until I gave up after 5 tries and pressed 0 four times out of frustration.

I Was forwarded to a rep and got the standard vanilla treatment of we need a blood sample and your great grandmothers hair follicle sent in to identify you. When we get that we will "think" about releasing your funds.


I bought the OneVanilla card for online transactions. It worked for a while, but recently, my transactions have been declined for some unknown reason. Now when I try to go the website to check my balance, I get and internal error message.

to Nick Jackson, Mississippi, United States #592776

Me Too.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #585434

I purchased a prepaid visa from them after losing my debit card and needing something temporary that would enable me to Christmas shop online since it would be ten days until my new card came from the bank. Purchased online merchandise from several online clothing, home stores, etc with no issues.

However, one merchant could not process without further address verification. When I contacted Vanilla to question the issue they told me it was on the merchants end and they could not do anything.

With time sensitivity and realizing that my order would now not be released by merchant on time for delivery - I cancelled the order....Vanilla told me that they will hold the funds for 7 SEVEN days event though the merchant was not processing the payment. I am out not only my childrens gifts but also $380 is being held by Vanilla for the 7 days....The woman said "i understand you are dissapointed and I said no I AM ANGRY not dissapointed and will take actions to ensure you do not get away with this much longer....I will post anywhere and everywhere until they go under....

to LIN Plano, Texas, United States #695991

AMEN!!!! Keeping MY money for 7 days is ***, I hope they go under as well and I will enjoy every minute of it!!!


You need a receipt not the fault of One vanilla you lost it so quit *** !!!

to ratdaddy Washington, Indiana, United States #585662

How much did Vanilla pay you to say that?

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