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I won a $100 prepaid Vanilla MasterCard in June. I put it on top of my fridge to retrieve later.

The card disappeared... long story short, It is 2 months later, and my card turned up. I called to request a balance, but it is only $4. something...

I called, but could only get dollar amounts of transactions... mostly 1 and 2 dollar type things, but no details... I login online only to get a "Web service returns null results"

This is the part that bothers me.

I need to know if my son is innocent or guilty here! He insists that he did not take it, and seemed frustrated that the amount was not there as well.

I just need to see the details of the transactions to know if I'm getting hosed here.

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I'm getting the same things here, maybe the web site get little problem


I've been getting "Web service returns null response". I think their site is messed up.

to fixyoursite #1556190

yes, i'm getting same things here.. I've been getting "Web service returns null response

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