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Purchased a OneVanilla card at CVS. Got home and the card did not work. Went online and the website said the card was invalid. Called and their customer service rep "Eddie" said the CVS failed to activate the card. I went back to CVS and cvs said the receipt says "accepted" instead of "activated" and I might have to wait 24 hrs for it to load. So I waited. Again, invalid card. Everyone acknowledges my money was received but no one knows... Read more

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I lost my last $30 to a website I never heard of or even been on at 5:30 in the morning while I was asleep!! Thanks OneVanilla!!! You are the worst form of currency imaginable!!! Your calling was Something else!!! 100% certainty!! Add comment

onevanilla says no registration needed as if they are doing the consumer a favor, but in reality not registering the card makes it almost useless for online purchases unless you can contact the merchant on the phone, then its really not an online purchase anymore, its a phone sale. the packaging says usable for online purchases, when i contacted onevanilla, they said sorry we cant help you other than a refund which takes 3-4 weeks after they... Read more

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One vanilla stole $356.14 and want give my money back. Customer service lies to you to get you off the phone. Two weeks now and they still havent given my money back. I bought this card to pay my car payment. At the beginning i had problems trying to get my cash off this card. Walmart refund the money back on the card and Tuesday last week their bank release the money to one vanilla card to be given back to me. One vanilla says upper management... Read more

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I just purchase on Easter Day march 27 2016 One Vanilla prepaid MasterCard at Walmart, in Lafayette Indiana.. the next day somebody in Washington State purchase from a merchant something on my card..this is the first time I ever bought a prepaid debit card.. try to use it an it was being declined .I check the computer and found out someone else use my account.Got this card thinking it would be secure, I guess not.. I have suggest to my... Read more

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Tried to use card today 03/10/16 was not accepted at regester Add comment

Bought a vanillavisa loaded it used it twice then i go to check balabnce $ 56 dollars missing there was a fraud transaction on my card called customer service they had the nerve to tell me they cannot stop a pending transaction hiw you gonna tell me they cant stop something that hasnt went threw yet thats a load of *** im going on to facebook and anywhere i can go to let people know onevanillavisa is bad bad Bad im gonna give them people a bad... Read more

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My wife's card had two hundred dollars on it. She purchased 3 items less than $100 and the card stated no money left on the card. Now there is no way to speak with someone to resolve the issue. I am a part of a consortium that give these cards as gifts. Unless this gets resolved our group that buys thousands of dollars on gift cards. I will meet with our State Representative to report this fraud Add comment

I got a OneVanilla card and it was the biggest ripoff ever. I couldn't use it anywhere! I couldn't pay bills online with it. It wouldn't work at gas pumps or the redbox. It would be declined when I tried to purchase stuff online. The only time it worked was at certain locations I could make standard purchases with it. So, if you need a debit or credit card to make the purchase, this won't work. But if you go somewhere that you could use cash for... Read more

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Went to walgreens. Paid for a 125 dollar card plus 4.95 fee thier system screwed up. Walgrres said hang on to activation slip i did and onevanilla management says i needed the reciept and i am stuck today with a empty card a activation reciept. Basically They outright stole my cash Add comment

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