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I put $200 on a OneVanilla card for the first time this week. I tried using the card and it was declined. When I checked the balance on their site it did not recognize the number. When I called them after a 35 minute wait, they told me their entire system had been down for a day and a half, they had no idea when it might be back up and my only option was to be patient. I have no recourse and... Read more

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I used a visa gift card at a jcpenney store. I thought the card was for $100 and I had purchased goods @ $131.00 I told the check out girl that I would pay the $31 with cash because I must have used up the total of the card. She took the cash and rang it up on the same ticket. Then she asked me if I would like her to throw the card out. I responded I guess you might as well as long as it is... Read more

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I have been trying to pay for an extremely rare CD from a gentleman in France. Paypal was telling me the cards were declined, even though I had balances on both of them! I called the operator six times and got cut off! This by far the worst card system I have ever had problems with! I got another e-mail this morning from the gentleman asking me where his payment was, and I got into it with these... Read more

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DO NOT BUY THE VISA GIFTCARDS I must say I am very upset with this company, went in the Walgreens(Desoto)purchased the card, yesterday. Gave them $100 and act fee. Should be valid right? NOOOOOoooo. The card was for my little on her first big trip away from me so she would not have to take cash. Asked her to use the card before she left town, found it was declined and not activated. So I ended up... Read more

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I bought one of the reloads on thr card and it wont work so i ask for a refund, The check they sent me didnt even work thanks for ripping me off! Add comment

I have been trying to get my money from one vanilla i have called many times. Their told me what procedure to take to get my refund a fax of the card both front and back,or a picture email of the card with an explanation did that i keep calling and it has been a month and still haven't received my money. and their keep telling me, its on high priority or it didn't go f******* like they... Read more

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They stole my money refused use and wont take calls. I used card for subscription service to on line game. The card worked for first month and failed on second month. I called Vanilla and got routed to scam asking for money so they could ship me a Walmart 100.00 gift card. I told them I will pay nothing and they told me must be a technical problem that calling Vanilla got me routed to them. ... Read more

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Bought card to pay bills...put $300 on it and can't use it anywhere....not online,over phone or at store....the only thing I can do is put gas pump....this card sucks.Your supposed to be able to use visa anywhere.So I had to use my saved money for all the bills.One vanilla should make everything clear before buying...package should read "can't be used anywhere,so don't waste your... Read more

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You can't register a Name to the card, they only register a Zip Code. You cannot use this card on any site that ask for Card Holders Name and billing address if associated with the card. The transaction will fail 100%. I will never use this card again. Now I have to run it through the machine at work to get my money back. I'm not going to waste time trying to get a refund through their... Read more

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